Base Camp




Tuesday we will use the Low Ropes course and explore on bikes.  On Wednesday the drop off and pick up is in Pelham.  We will be hiking by three beautiful waterfalls and a spectacular view. We may cool off in a stream. Thursday, we bike and then take an evening canoe and enjoy a campfire. The pickup will be after dark at Morse Hill.  On Friday we will stream walk, explore Rattlesnake Gutter and rappel.   



OLD ITINERARY Join us for five days of nonstop adventure! After spending the first morning at Morse Hill on the low ropes, we'll make our home at a beautiful riverside campsite. The following days will be full of unique and unforgettable outings. One day we will boulder our way up a hidden brook through secret swimming holes and waterfalls. We'll canoe on a secluded pond and enjoy the symphony of evening critters. And we'll explore the woods on our mountain bikes, climb a mountain with a stunning view, and find all the best swimming holes. Each evening campers return to a refreshing swim in the river, dinner, and a cozy campfire.



Camp Info

  • Grades:  4 - 9

  • Duration:  4 days

  • Overnight:  0 Overnights


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