Dear Victoria and Jeff,

I wanted to thank you again for your efforts in creating this enriching experience for us today. Our family talked more about it at dinner, particularly sharing our “thorns, buds, and flowers” (at our younger child, Molly’s request).

I think you would have enjoyed the conversation. We were all able to see our reflection in the days’ activities. Molly appreciated being with her family as well as with other adults she didn’t know, particularly because they valued her as an equal. She felt empowered that everyone in the group was important. Ira enjoyed getting to know you both. You are definitely “flowers” yourselves. Danny and I, of course, loved “flying high.” To be able to do things I never had the chance to do in my youth and to witness my kids and I doing them together is a real gift for me/for all of us. It was especially meaningful to be able to “support” Ira while he climbed the pole. It was one way I could feel and show appreciation for how he so persistently and capably supports our family. We all noted that patience and respect were “buds” we needed and wanted to nurture, to grow. (all this is in spite of the bugs) I could go on…

Suzanne Forman, Family Day Participant

Let me say that my son had a BLAST at camp last week! The activities were varied and challenging and fun and I think really pushed him just enough beyond his comfort zone. Thank you for all you are doing to make Morse Hill a great experience for kids.


I just wanted to let you know again how much of a positive impact you had on both Eliza's and Jamie's lives. The time they spent with you doing those things turned out to be a big part of the foundation upon they which they have grown as people. They regularly mention those times and events and I think use them as reference points.

On a more personal note, I myself have benefited. Hearing about Grout Pond from the kids made me check it out years later and I now make an annual sojourn to campsite #1 with a friend of mine with a couple of kayaks. Last year we even hiked up the AT over Stratton Mt to Stratton Pond and back the Stratton Pond Trail to Grout. Heaven. :)

Don Chappell, Parent

They had a fantastic time. Truly amazing camp. Andre was just great. And Molly was fantastic. She taught him to bike from scratch in one day! I never imagined that such a thing would possible. Truly dedicated staff.


Morse Hill has been one of the most influential things in my life over the past 11 (!) years. You, Tas, and Jeff have defined so much of who I am today, there is no way to say thank-you enough.

Ben Blier, Former Junior Counselor

I think it was good for our class to do the ropes course. I think that because it brought us more together as a group and made us trust each other more. I got your brochure, and I felt like what it said on it was true, “I can’t becomes I can.”

Student Participant