Colleges and Universities

Take a break from the campus and join us in the woods! Whether it is for a group of Resident Assistants or a research team of graduate students, many colleges and universities come to us as part of their orientation program, giving individuals a boost of confidence and a chance to bond with the rest of the group. With our ropes course challenges and adventure activities, we design programs that are catered to the specific needs of a group, staff, or team. In addition, our programs also help groups and individuals develop skills in leadership, effective communication, and problem solving. If you are seeking an exciting and effective team-building program for your group, Morse Hill is the place for you!

Colleges have come to us for:

  • Orientations
  • Leadership development
  • Individual confidence building
  • Improving communication and problem solving skills
  • Supplementing departmental meetings
  • Community building at the beginning of a program
  • Community and team building

We have served:

  • Incoming student, research, or graduate program orientations
  • Resident Assistant training
  • Teaching Assistant training
  • Faculties or departments
  • Sports teams
  • Classes
  • Outing and other clubs
  • Sororities and fraternities
  • Alumni groups
  • Student leadership groups