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June 22nd Update with COVID-19 Camp Protocols

Children and parents want and need summer camp more than ever this year.  We all know it improves their mental, physical and intellectual health.  We have instituted the many protocols for protecting our staff and campers from contracting COVID-19.

Phase 2 will start June 29th and Phase 3 will hopefully start on July 20th.  The guidelines as required by the state are outlined below.  But first you should know that we are blessed to have an 85 acre facility with woods, fields, a stream and rock faces. We are in close proximity to a lake, boat launch and trails to other rock faces.  This gives us the space to spread out when at Morse Hill and to be with in walking and biking distance of other safe water and rock areas. 

Everything listed here could change depending on the growth of the virus statewide and locally.  We can move toward a normal overnight and transportation schedule if things improve but if there is a growth of cases of COVID-19 it means the above schedule will be delayed.  We need your input to see what is possible.  We must work together to help your children get the outside time they desperately need!  As of now, here are some of the requirements:

  • All campers must be screened with a temperature check and a COVID symptom questionnaire at the beginning of each day.  If they answer yes to any of the questions they cannot be allowed at camp that day.
  • We will have a maximum of 10 children and 2 counselors together with no interaction with other groups during the camp day.  We are starting with 8 to 2 to give us some flexibility in creating groups that work for your children.
  • Masks must be worn at camp when there is required close contact (ex. staff helping a child with a harness) Otherwise, 6 feet of physical distancing must be used.
  • Staff and campers will use masks on the high ropes course when the person at height is directly overhead.
  • We have cloth masks for each child and staff that we will wash in hot water and dry in a hot dryer each evening.  Your child can take this mask with them at the end of the week. 
  • We will sanitize equipment between uses.  Staff and children will also be required to sanitize their own hands before and after touching shared equipment and areas and after eating and drinking.  We have created fun activities to wash our hands!
  • Transportation to camp would be provided by parents until Phase 3.
  • Canoeing and Rock Climbing is within biking and walking distances until Phase 3.  
  • We will ask the parents of the first Climb camp session about driving 1 or 2 days to the rock site instead of Morse Hill.  We need to work out logistics to see if parents can do that. 
  • Overnights can possibly begin in Phase 3 for all camps.
  • All of our camps with 2 or more overnights except AET are scheduled after Phase 2.  This means they could conceivably be run with no change in travel or overnight schedule.  Unfortunately AET must happen at the beginning of the summer to allow campers to become CIT’s this year.  AET has an extended day with Zoom classes in the evening.
  • Campers and staff must be residents of Massachusetts for Phase 2 camps.
  • Visitors (including parents) and volunteers are not permitted.
  • We cannot use lake Wyola Beach for swimming.

There are many more requirements that we have implemented that are not listed here.  We can send you a list if you request one.  It is our hope that the “best scenario” time schedule that Governor Baker laid out for the evolution into the “New Normal” will happen as planned.  We want your children to have a wonderful outdoor experience with other children and their camp counselors in a safe and healthy way.  We welcome your input!

Victoria Shaw

Camp Director



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