Mission and About Us


At Morse Hill we challenge people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds through sequenced activities where participants' emotional and physical safety comes first. We use our ropes course and other adventure activities to promote self-awareness, self-confidence, trust, communication, problem solving skills, and group cooperation.

At Morse Hill, "I can't" becomes "I can."

About Morse Hill

Our 85-acre site is located on the hemlock-shaded slopes of Morse Hill in Shutesbury, about 20 minutes from Amherst, Massachusetts. The Sawmill River flows along our border to the north, and on our southern edge the summit of Morse Hill offers a view of three states. To newcomer and long-time veteran alike, the magic of the property lies in the many fascinating structures that are tucked away among the trees, practically begging to be climbed on. “What's that?” people often ask, peering at the cables and ropes strung between trees. Welcome to our state-of-the-art high and low ropes course! It is one the largest in Massachusetts and one of our most prominent features.

The rest of our property is similarly scattered with fun and intriguing features, inviting campers and participants to engage with the landscape in different ways. Come play a game in one of our grassy fields or warm yourself up on a rainy day by one of our cozy log fire circles. Walk the labyrinth for a chance to reflect and wind down. Practice your hill climbs and log jumps on our mountain biking course. Hang out with friends in our oversized cargo net. Take a walk on our trails, keeping your eye out for the unique objects they are blazed with. And of course explore the woods—perhaps you'll discover art projects blending into the rocks and trees, spot a fox or porcupine, or stumble upon some delicious wild blueberries. There is room for endless discovery at Morse Hill!

Pairing our on site resources with those of the surrounding outdoor locations, we offer countless adventure activities—rock climbing, canoeing, raft building, map and compass, scavenger hunts, mountain biking, caving, camping, and more. We are constantly scouting out new places, coming up with creative activities, and expanding the variety of our offerings.