Corporate and Faculty

Every well-run organization seeks to improve performance. And there is no shortage of consultants who will come to your workplace with strategies to accomplish this. What we offer is different. We offer an experience out of the workplace, an experience that can’t happen inside in a conference room. Our ropes course and adventure activities create connections between employees that translate into improved performance at work. And a day at Morse Hill is fun! Your day will be a mix of mental and physical challenges that require a group to listen, communicate, trust, take responsibility, and manage conflict. A day at Morse Hill can also include time for staff meetings in one of our charming and rustic spaces, allowing you to interact on a different plane and retreat from your everyday workplace environment. Maybe some fresh air is all you need to shake things up a bit and get new ideas flowing.

Organizations have come to us for:

  • Community and team building
  • Improving work performance
  • Improving communication and problem-solving skills
  • Supplementing departmental meetings

We have served:

  • Small companies
  • Departments within larger organizations
  • Camp staffs
  • Orientation/job training groups
  • College and school staffs/faculties