Team Building Programs

Our programs use ropes courses and adventure activities to create a progression of challenges that ask participants to both push themselves personally and work together as a group. Share your goals with us, and we can customize a program to best meet your group’s needs. We can mix group and individual challenges, on- and off-site activities, and ropes courses and other adventure activities like rock climbing, caving, and canoeing. If you can't make it to us, we can also come to your site with our staff, gear, and activities. These off-site programs are usually combined with visits to Morse Hill for a ropes course experience.

On our ropes course we use field activities, low ropes, and high ropes to create a progression of challenges with intellectual and physical solutions. These challenges require everyone to participate in order for the group to be successful. In the process of working through the field activities and low ropes, a group will learn valuable lessons in communication, trust, problem solving, and leadership. The high ropes allow participants to challenge themselves to meet their potential—promoting tremendous personal growth as well as strengthened bonds between group members as people support each other physically and emotionally. In all of our activities, we respect individuals' personal limits and how they choose to challenge themselves.

Everyone is welcome at Morse Hill, because we believe that everyone—regardless of ability, background, or experience—can benefit from the programs we offer. We pride ourselves in being able to celebrate the diversity of people from all different backgrounds and abilities.