Strengthen your community with an unforgettable bonding experience! We can design a program around your goals and focus on what you would like your group to work on—such as leadership development, inclusion, or positive communication. We can also create a day that will celebrate your success or bring people together at the culmination of an experience. We have worked with organizations such as religious groups, programs that work with people with disabilities, and intercultural organizations that include participants from over 25 different countries. Groups that come to Morse Hill invariably leave feeling energized, with stronger camaraderie, and able to be more successful all of their future endeavors.

Organizations have come to us for:

  • Leadership development
  • Community and team building
  • Improving communication skills
  • Community building at the beginning of a program
  • Celebrating success or the end of an experience
  • Adding an adventure component to a program
  • Individual confidence building
  • Multi-day experiences
  • Intensive multi-day camping experiences

We have served:

  • Girl and boy scouts
  • Youth groups
  • Boys and girls clubs
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Adoption support agencies
  • Family support agencies
  • International education or training programs
  • Support groups
  • Women's and men's groups
  • Coming of age groups
  • Career training organizations
  • Community centers
  • Organizations working with people with disabilities